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FAQ 1: What kind of diving do you have?

FAQ 2: Should I bring my own equipment?

FAQ 3: Can my kids dive? Can they go on the boat?

FAQ 4: What is the water temperature? Do I need a wetsuit?

FAQ 5: What type of payments do you accept?

FAQ 5: What type of payments do you accept?

FAQ 6: How do I get to Harbour Island?

FAQ 7: I’m not staying on Harbour Island, how far away is…

FAQ 8: Do you have dive packages available?

FAQ 9: What is your deposit policy?

FAQ 10: What is the cancellation policy?

FAQ 11: How big are your boats?

FAQ 12: Do I need to bring my C Card (certification card)?

FAQ 13: I’m staying at the Cove, what should I except?

FAQ 14: I can’t affiliate with Valentines Dive with my E-Learning  Purchase

Valentines Dive Center


Answer #1

All kinds!!!  We have everything from shallow reefs to ship wrecks, high speed drift dives and much more. Never been diving, let us teach you.  We have all the levels of instruction, including a Discover Scuba course.

Answer #2

It's up to you.  We include weights, weight belt, and tanks in the dive price.  We have BCDs, regulators, computers, mask & fins, snorkels, and wetsuits available for rent. 

Answer #3

Children 8-10 years old are eligible to take our Bubblemaker course.  Junior Certifications are available for children ages 10-14 (normal certification fees apply).  Children under 3 years are permitted to accompany their parents on the boat for free.  All other boat riders are subject to a $49 fee.

Answer #4


Water Temp       

Air Temp


Jan – Feb

72-75f / 22-24c 

72-80f / 22-27c    

Full 3mm



73-77f / 23-25c    

72-85f / 22-29c

Full 3mm



75-79f / 24-26c    

76-90f / 24-32c

Shorty or full



77-80f / 25-27c    

80-90f / 27-32c   

Skin or shorty



79-81f / 26-28c       

80-90f / 27-32c

Skin or shorty


July- September

82-87f / 29-31c       

80-90f / 27-32c

non required




76-90f / 24-32c

Skin or shorty



77-80f / 25-27c       

72-85f / 22-29c

Shorty or full



75-78f / 24-26c      

72-85f / 22-29c 

Full 3mm


Answer #5

We use Bahamian dollars, which is par with the US dollars and are used inter-changeably.  If you have US dollars, there is no need to change money.  We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, and American Express at this time.

Answer #6

From the North Eleuthera airport you would take a taxi to Three Island Dock.  Then you would take a water taxi from Three Island Dock to Harbour Island.  The normal water taxi is $5 per person to the main government dock.  However for a few more dollars you can ask the water taxi to drop you right off at Valentines Marina. 

Answer #7


Times to Three Island Dock

The Cove

25min Drive

Gregory Town

30min Drive

Hatchet Bay

40min Drive

Rainbow Bay

45min Drive

James Cistern

50min Drive

Govervors Harbour

1hour Drive

Answer #8

YES – we have hotel and dive packages available with Valentines Resort & Marina.  We can offer discount for multiple days of diving ranges from 5% to 15%.  Please email dive @ valentinesdive.com for more details.

Answer #9

We require a 50% deposit for any private boat charters and for all PADI certifications (including: discover scuba and resort courses, open water, advanced open water, rescue diver, and dive master).

Full refund issued when we cancel the trip to due to weather/wind, mechanical issues, etc. less a $75/pp admin fee.

Your deposit is 100% Refundable with 2 weeks notice or more.

Answer #10

48 hour cancellation notice is required for all diving & non diving & multiple activities.

$50 per person cancellation fee will be retained when required notice is not given for snorkellers,and a $75 per person cancellation fee for scuba divers.

Answer #11

We have three boats, Sea Dweller ,Tigress and No Name.  Sea Dweller is a 36' Sea Hawk twin 300hp.  Tigress is a 32' Island Hopper 350hp,while the No Name is a 25' AquaSport with twin 250hp outboard engines.

Answer #12

YES – since we are a professional PADI resort we are obligated to follow mandated PADI rules.  You MUST present a certification card.  If you can not prove your certification we unfortunately can not permit you to scuba dive with our facility.  If time permits, we may be able to do a 'Dive Check' online.

Answer #13

The Cove is about a 25 min car ride from the resort to 3 Island Dock.  A taxi fair is approximately $45 one way.  Then when you arrive at the dock, depending on the time of year, you can maybe expect to wait for a water taxi from 2-20 minutes to take you across to Harbour Island.  Therefore you need a minimum of 30 minutes allowance to leave the Cove and arrive at the Dive Center.  If you are renting a car and driving yourself, I would suggest allowing an additional 15 minutes.

Answer #14

Less is actually more.  We can't explain it, but the search needs you to add an apostrophe in Valentines even though we don't actually use it.  Leave the location blank and add the ' to Valentines before the "s".  Also depending on your browser zoom settings, you may NOT see the listed dive shop appear below the map so scroll down on the page (it appears far down at the bottom of the page).  Then click on the blue text "Affiliate with this dive center".  


You can also affiliate with us by store number(S 20193 ) or by location 'Dunmore Town,Harbour Island ,Bahamas '

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